Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council Agenda

Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council
Committee meeting, Tuesday 17th December 2013 within Muirhouse Millennium Centre

Proposed agenda
1. Apologies
2. members present (register)
3. Minutes from previous meeting, proposed – seconded –
3a Matters arising
4. Treasurer’s report – Change of signatory pack
5. Correspondence
6. Police report
7. City Cllr Report
8. Action Group reports (i) NP (ii) IMP
9. Discussion of models – Model Standing Orders & Model Constitution for community councils
10. AOB
11. Date of next meeting –

Wow look how easy it was too post agenda to a site.

Why do so many community councils up and down the country hide their info or make it a residents job to go looking for information????

Unless they really want you

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How can my 7yr old daughter have so much fun recycling, when others are not even willing to recycle.

Every 2/3 days we take all our recycle goods to local on street skips.


Very well labelled, in fact my daughter can sort all our boxes, tins, glass etc herself just by looking at the pictures.

Tonight we had one full black bag and 2 large boxes full to recycle.


Gems recycle

We also recycle all our food waste, it does not smell. We simply pop a carrier bag from the supermarket in to the small gray bin when full it is placed in larger bin.

Its so simple to make a difference even if you don’t have the blue and red bins from Edinburgh City Council.

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Cramond beach water rescue

This morning Sunday 26th August just after 10am fire control was notified that a male had entered the water after a dog got in to difficulty.

A full scale response from Scottish ambulance service and Lothian & Borders Fire and Rescue including staff who are specially trained in water rescue responded.

It is reported the male was rescued by fire crews using a rope, he was checked over by an ambulance crew on scene but thankfully did not require hospital treatment.

Fire crews in attendance and dealing

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My sons first ever Rangers home game

Wednesday the 15th of August is a date for my sons diary, his papa finally got through to Rangers ticket line and he was getting his first ever session ticket. Hyper from the word go, we had to get organised for his first ever home game which was only days away.

Gary with his Rangers Hair


He knew what he wanted

Travel: Gary started his journey to Ibrox by car from Edinburgh, arriving at Motherwell he met his papa and Uncle. This time it was on the train to Ibrox stadium.

Soon as he arrived he was straight in to the mega store.


After spending his money it was time to walk around the famous grounds


Gary was on cloud nine, seeing all the fans, being part of that sell out Saturday (well with exception to 3 seats) Taking in the sights of all those fans and the stadium which he had only seen on the news or Internet. Within minutes a Rangers Legend was spotted walking through the crowds. Mark Hateley allowed Gary to have his picture taken with him and even said we will score 5, possibly 6 or 7 today.


After a brief encounter with the Legend it was time for Gary to step inside the famous stadium and support his team.


Once inside Gary was amazed with his seat


He could see so much and nobody to block his views.

Famous Broxy bear even popped by to say Hello


The players warming up


Rangers went on to win this game 5-1 and my son has been hyper ever since. He was even fortunate enough to be seen on to Rangers TVSandaza goal when the team celebrate the goal in the corner Gary can be seen.

I can honestly say that Gary, papa and uncle David had an amazing day and we all hope that Rangers go from strength to strength.

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Gary meets Rangers Legend Mark Hateley


My sons first visit to Ibrox and he gets his picture taken with the legend that is Mark Hateley

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Take two on the how North Edinburgh suffered

Hopefully you enjoyed my first ever blog on flooding in and around Muirhouse Edinburgh. Well hours after the original pictures we decided to venture out again.

Initially driving around Muirhouse the Medway remained totally blocked as the water went across the pavement from side to side.

Now to check on Silverknowes, given the fact only a few hours ago it was severely affected we expected to see similar. Well to our shock it was actually worse (secretly my lad was loving it)

Marine Drive was completely blocked and too dangerous to even attempt to pass with care officers from Lothian and Borders Police positioned their car and sat with their blue lights flashing to warn motorists of the hazard. Cones could be seen across the road.

Cones warning drivers

Within minutes of being there police arrived

My son with police car

We then had to go around and check from other side, was the caravan site cut off from the outside.

This clearly shows the extent of the flood, this picture was taken right outside the entrance to the caravan site.

A few others pictures taken at Marine Drive

Gary loves it


Hope you enjoyed the blog and my pictures, I own the pictures they where taken by me on my very own Samsung S2.

if you want to use any of my pictures please seek permission

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North Edinburgh affected by rain

Scotland continues to be hit by a substantial down pour of rain, I decided to get in the car and take the kids out and about in Muirhouse and surrounding area to allow them to see how rain has affected us.

It was clear that our drainage system could not cope with this mammoth down pour.

Here are a collection of pictures

Muirhouse Medway Edinburgh

My daughter enjoying the flood in Muirhouse Medway

Unfortunate motorist trying to get out his driveway

Now that my daughter had walked through it, now my son had his turn

Quickly retreating as a car was about to soak him

Having had our fun on Muirhouse Medway we ventured to Silverknowes beach

As soon as we arrived we knew this was going to be fun

As the water ran down the road and over the Kerb, across the pavement it was making it’s way to beach


The kids wanted to slide down the grass

A brave driver attempts to go through the flood, it was little deep, he then decided to reverse back out

Now for the kids to show how deep the water is and how much fun it is




Kids suitable soaked we headed back to the car

Another look at the roundabout

Now we had to get back through the flooded road, unfortunately it was a little deep for my Citreon C3, so we taken to the pavement.


Please do not use my pictures without permission, North Edinburgh News my local paper is only paper permitted to use them immediately.

To top our fun morning off we visited Tesco where the fire alarm activated and all customers had to vacate the premises and stand in the rain


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